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Diverse and Dedicated

Whether you are a Property and Casualty insurer, TPA, government, financial institution, defense or first party litigator, Whitehall Investigations Canada respects foremost our client’s brand and reputation. With that comes our commitment to the following core responsibilities:

  • Commitment to Best Practices
  • Commitment to Training our staff professionally
  • Commitment to Service Level Agreements
  • Commitment to Communication
  • Commitment to Ethics and Integrity
  • Commitment to Privacy

Whitehall Canada offers customized services to assess and combat fraud, including surveillance, claims investigations, Special Investigations Unit services and International investigations. Our expertise and experience allow us to drive powerful, measurable results and improve outcomes for our Property and Casualty clients nationwide.


Whitehall Investigations Canada uses surveillance professionals that collect unbiased, courtroom–admissible evidence.

Our investigators are comprehensively trained and have the capability to grow through our continuing education programs. They are diverse for culturally sensitive matters and are respectful of people’s expectation of privacy. Whitehall Canada employees use technologically advanced surveillance equipment, including hidden camera devices.

We have been a trusted resource for almost 25 years and capable of rapid responses across Canada and the United States.

Social Media Investigation / OSNIT

Whitehall Canada’s mission is to remain current in this ever changing and sophisticated world. This cannot be completed without staff who are continuously trained and reaching Certificate status to ensure our clients are getting the most reliable information, in real time.

Our staff are not just limited to the usual “google” searches, but dig deeper into the deep and hidden Internet. This includes understanding the intricacies of how culture plays a significant role in our research as many investigations are not always North American based.

Our clients use our services in many ways, including;

  • Posting, Archiving and Monitoring
  • Jury Review and Monitoring
  • Advanced Social Media Research
  • Public Database Searches
  • Real Time Intelligence and Surveillance
  • Cyber Bullying & Harassment
  • Brand Protection and Assessment

Major and Complex Loss Investigation ~ SIU Services

Whitehall Canada is the insurance industry’s premier full-service evidence gatherer.  We create a custom investigation plan – a precise strategy that will help you validate claims and eliminate fraud.

Major losses are unfortunately a part of the world in which we live. Whether serious injuries or death stem from long haul trucking, train, bus or airplane accidents, or property losses to include tavern or social host liability, theft, arson or other suspicious losses, our Major Loss Unit is able to assist and provide comprehensive investigative support.

We start every assignment by working with you to establish precise objectives so that we can tailor a complete and thorough case-specific investigation. You should expect nothing less. Our investigators remain committed to our vision of providing truthful, unbiased information.

Our investigators are called upon to investigate serious accidents with a focus in transportation losses, suspicious property related claims such as personal and cargo theft claims, fire or a host of events that require a thoughtfully planned investigation, with a balance of compassion and skepticism, without compromising professionalism and relentless efforts to develop the truth.

After all, we act as an extension of your brand ~ would you expect differently?

Primary support includes:

  • In depth interviews of witnesses, first responders, insured drivers, passengers and others who are involved
  • Representation of you wherein legal counsel has not been retained
  • Comprehensive statements, diagrams and other supportive evidence
  • In depth financial capabilities
  • Our On-Scene Accident Analysis provides detailed footage, photographs, diagrams and measurements that can be compared to statements and other evidence. This service provides you an opportunity to focus on other potential factors that might be lost in the days, weeks or months after a loss

  • Collusion and Accident Rings
  • Clinic and Provider assessment

Investigation Beyond the Lens™ Mentality

Most losses require investigation to include surveillance, interviews and statements. The claims process may take several years and require any number of investigative techniques beyond the standard investigative requests. Our staff is dynamic and well trained in keeping focused on the client’s objectives. Whitehall Canada investigators are considerate and professional and realize there are many avenues beyond surveillance to secure the truth. Some of these services include the following:

  • Neighbourhood Canvasses
  • Employment interviews with supervisors, colleagues, and Human Resources personnel
  • Claimant Interviews and Alive & Well Checks
  • Locate Investigations to isolate the whereabouts of witnesses and the insured

Financial Motive, Subrogation and Recovery Services

Motive investigation is a specialty, which includes a delicate balance of interviews and database searches. In-person attendance to document fire, theft and inventory losses via video can be supported by interviews with suppliers, employees and others to ensure the full picture is provided for assessment.

We have been called by to be a trusted national resource to locate assets and the financial capabilities of parties involved in loss. Our dedicated team of Asset and Financials investigators are here to serve you.

We assist in the following property losses;

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Property damage caused by accidents or criminal acts
  • Other suspicious losses
  • Suspected Mortgage Fraud
  • Identity Theft Restoration and Investigations

Database Services and Priority of Insurance

Searches are commonly used to support surveillance and uncover leads, which may assist in developing the truth. Our national and international search capabilities are among the best in North America because we do more than scratch the surface.

Common searches completed include, but are not limited to:

  • Civil and Litigation Searches
  • Criminal
  • Individual Locate
  • Real Property/Asset Individual
  • Real Property/Asset Corporate
  • Motor Vehicle Registration and Driver Record
  • Insurance and Claims History
  • Lien Searches
  • Weather Reports
  • Land Title Searches
  • Pre-Employment related searches
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